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What is sound healing trend?

Sound therapy or healing might sound like a relatively new trend for the modern generations, but it has been around for centuries. The ancient Egyptians build sound chambers to experience divine healing. They were captivated by the sound of the vowels and knew their acoustic power. Using a method called “toning”, they manipulated the sound of the vowel with breath and voice to make the therapeutic music causing amazing healing vibrations. Egyptian leaders used this sonic technique to create rooms that blend seamlessly with the human body. At that time, these rooms were used as healing centres for patients suffering from various diseases.

It is well known that Australian indigenous tribes have used didgeridoo as a solid healing instrument for over 40,000 years. The spiritual ceremonies of the Tibetan or Himalayan singing bowl are also evidence that music therapy plays an important role in mental and bodily balance.

What is sound healing?

Sound meditation has been gaining ground in the recent times due to various manifestation techniques. Scientific researchers have concluded that sound plays an important role in reducing stress related health issues. On a spiritual level it cleanses the aura and improves the mood.

There are many theories about sound therapy, one of which is that sound functions through vibrational touch effects. In deep sound meditation, it can stimulate touch fibers which affect the perception of pain. One such study proposed for patients with fibromyalgia found that ten treatments that included therapy twice weekly for five weeks of low frequency sound stimulation. Patients were found to be able to sleep better and have fewer pain problems, so that almost three-quarters of participants were able to get rid of their pain medications.

Sound-based vibration treatment has been effective in alleviating pain from arthritis, menstruation, postoperative pain, and knee arthroplasty. It has also been found to enhance mobility, reduce muscular pain and rigidity, increase blood circulation, and lower blood pressure.

For individuals suffering from depression and stress it has been found through continuous sound therapy that beta brain waves can be manipulated into deep meditational trance. This allows the patients to experience a state of well being which in turn reduces anxiety. It is known that electrical activity in the brain happens through waves that can be modified while listening to some sound frequencies. This is known as binaural beats, the simultaneous experience of two frequency variations through a headphone.

Binary beats in theta configuration work at a frequency from 4 to 7 Hz. Theta patterns are known to promote relaxation, humor, and creativity. Binaural Beats in the alpha pattern work at a frequency of 7–13 Hz and allow the participant to experience sound sleep. Finally, Binaural Beats in the beta pattern work at a frequency of 13–30 Hz. It enhances concentration and alertness in the participant.

Benefits of sound healing:

It is spiritual:

With a fast-paced life, there is no time for personal well-being. A sonic therapy lets you connect with the inner self. It will remove energy blocks in the body, open the chakras, release repressed pain and stress, allow the individual to release suppressed sadness and anger. In this way, the individual feels rejuvenated.

Reduce health risks:

This may be beneficial for patients with chronic pain, heart disease, chronic anxiety, depression and other ailments. Patients are known to experience sound sleep and reduced pain levels after sound therapy sessions.

Increases creativity:

A favorite tune can instantly lift up the mood and alleviate stress. Continuous sound healing sessions create alertness, improves focus, allows the individual to explore their talents and promotes a sense of joy.

Types of sound healing to try:

Solo Session:

Anyone can indulge in a solo sound session by listening to pre-recorded versions of guided meditations or sound frequencies. Chanting sacred tunes, mantras, huming a favorite song, or singing a soothing melody are other ways to experience bliss through sonic meditation.

Private session:

A private practioner of sound therapy can be booked for personal experience. The guided mediation will contain therapy via playing of Tibetan singing bowls, a tuning fork, and other soothing instruments.

Sound Bath:

This is a group session that is carried out by trained professionals for a large crowd through yoga poses and deep meditation. The participants are asked to relax themselves through yoga asanas or simply lie down on mats. Then various healing frequencies are played to tune in healing vibrations on the body. Most people will feel very relaxed and peaceful during a sonic healing; some could have hypnotic visualizations, receive creative downloads, or have an emotional bursts of energy.


Though there is enough evidence that sound therapy can heal a number of ailments it is always recommended to consult health experts before beginning a session. People suffering from epilepsy are advised to take extra care. Sound healing encourages recreation and takes your body into a natural state of well being.

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