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Ways to take a break from your social media life

Social media is taking a huge toll on people’s lives and they are getting consumed with social media lives. People like staying connected with different people from different parts of the world. But for that, they are losing their connection with the real world. How do you know when is the time to take a break from social media? Social media becomes an obsession. You should know your limits and boundaries when you are using social media sites. You can easily get distracted by all the videos and photos you see online.

Reasons you should take a break from social media

Losing focus on more important things in life

When you are using too much social media, you lose focus on the essential things in life. Check feeds from here and there but doesn’t let them captivate you. Also, don’t let yourself lose valuable time just with social media. If you are missing your deadlines or don’t have enough time, know you are spending too much time on social media.


Staying constantly distracted

When you use too much social media, you remain distracted constantly. Anything you don’t interest you. You are just interested in checking the notifications or if you have received any messages. People around you don’t excite you anymore. You lose focus on the immediate world and feel disconnected from others.


You feel the competition with others

To get higher counts, you have a competition with your friends. You lose friends in the process too. If you are feeling anxious, know that you have taken social media to a higher level. This is not good at all. Further, don’t allow social media to pressurize you.


Learn the art of discipline and only use it when you have the intent for it. Don’t let the negativity of social media suppress you. You are so much better than that.

When you plan on stepping away from social media for some time, it is always so refreshing. It is like detoxifying your life and making it happen again.

Ways in which you can take a break from social media

Set a limit for yourself

Allow yourself to connect with nature and maintain a strict time on when you will use your phone. For instance, you can see social media every 30 minutes of the day. Check it once in the morning and at night and you are done. Don’t keep on getting engaged with the feeds. It takes much of your time which is not good at all.


Have screen-limiting apps

If you are using your phones late into the night, you don’t fall asleep sooner. This in turn harms your body too. Further, set daily time limits when you will use phones. With the time-limiting apps, it will show the time when you should use the phones. When the time is up, keep the phone and do all other chores.


Screen time is like a feature where you can get control and hold of yourself. It gives you time to be accountable for the time you see social media.


Turning off the notifications

When you switch on the notifications, it makes you anxious to see them all the time. Suppose you are tagged in a photo and that notification comes to you. You will leave all your work and check out the photo first. This is not good at all. You will feel like spending only 5 minutes on the photo but end up spending one hour on it.


When you switch off the notifications, you don’t know who tagged you in which photos. This gives you mental peace and you remain happy.


Disable your accounts temporarily

You can disable some of your accounts temporarily and when you are done with your activities, reactive it again. It is one of the extreme ways of disconnecting from social media life. When you can’t log in to your account, you will lose your interest soon after. Invest your thing in something productive.


Try to be present in real-time

Don’t just keep hanging on to the past and try to be in the present. When you take a break from social media, you become invested in the present. Do all the wonderful activities like meditation. This will help align you with your priorities.


Try out a new project or a hobby. Have you ever tried to stay away from social media? Take the much-needed break and you will enjoy it!

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