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Current fashion trends to follow

Even though the fashion scene keeps moving forward and backward there are some trends that never go out-of-style. The current year has been funky and classy at the same time. We have the classic Medieval puff sleeve trend and the baggy androgynous clothing that has been flying off the shelves. Let us take a look at what the fashion conscious crowd has been ticking off their bucket list this season.

Puff Sleeves:

These princess styled sleeves have been ruling the closet since the last season. It goes well with soft pants and bell bottoms. These ballooned silhouettes can be worn with elegant skirts and skin tight jeans with ease. A feminie feel to the classic Medieval sleeves.

Low rise Pants:

If you are a fan of Jennifer Aniston, then her rocking 90s style can be imitated for date nights and party evenings. The sexy under the belly button pant can be worn with tube tops, corset tops, v-shaped tank tops and leather jackets. If you are comfortable with revealing your thongs while taking a tour of the city, then this outfit trend is a must.

The Purple haze:

All shades of purple has been trending when it comes to stocking up the wardrobe. From undertone jackets, blazers, tops, dresses and even skirts. Men have been putting in the extra effort to look casual and sexy at the same time with this color palette. Soft silk shirts in tinges of purple have become a status symbol.

Embracing the florals:

Whenever we picture floral prints it is only about bedsheets and curtains. Then how can we incorporate this ethereal print into our closet fashion? By mixing and matching with patterns and subtle monotone colors. A small flower print top goes well with a pair of denim jeans. For a family event an elegant floral dress is ideal, men can opt for a funky floral tie especially when dressed like a groomsman. Since influencers and celebrities have made regencycore, cottagecore and grandmillenial a unique style, floral designs have achieved a completely new level of popularity. A wedding is the perfect setting to embrace fantasy, romantic floral fashion, graceful dresses with fancy flower-patterned prints to fresh dresses with dreamlike floral embroidery. These designs aren’t just for spring and summer weddings, either. There are so many beautiful patterns to suit every season and celebration.

Skin show with cutouts:

Want to look a little flirty and naughty for the anniversary? Date night? Then a little skin show is harmless. The cut out trend has been growing like fever among the elite and the fashion circles alike. The cutaneous spectacle is still in place, and the cutouts artfully placed on the dresses, tops, even the occasional low bottom will remain around. So exposed midriff, side of waist, shoulders and wild tops are stylish statements.

Bra tops:

Risque fashion sense has garnered a lot of attention among the constantly social media seeking generation. The bra top has been above the normal trend when it comes to sporting a toned figure. This comfy dressing style has actually made its place among the party circles when paired with a sequine revealing top, blazer, short skirt and skin tight jeans. Wearing a racy lingerie like Kendall Jenner even for a casual outing is now a top thing.

Mod Prints:

Talk about crazy fashion choices of the 60s – mod prints are back in the game. When it comes to wearing these bold motifs even the iconic fashion designers have given their consent. Pair the dresses and shirts with chic aviator style sunglasses, mix and match with leather/plaid skirts. Throw in some quirky accessories like a funky scarf around the neck or tie it around the hair in a ponytail. Maybe you could raid the fashion closet of your grandparents for some inspiration.

Boxy Suit for Men:

Big-shouldered, square jackets have been everywhere on the tracks this season. This 50s jazz fashion has been all over the runways from Gosha Rubchinskiy’s grown-up collection in Florence to Demna Gvasalia’s debut Balenciaga men’s show in Paris. This bulk silhouette can be paired well with exaggerated narrow bottoms and will look like a suit worn by retro lawyers. In the Milan fashion show by Dolce & Gabbana this style was reinterpreted with oversized double-breasted jackets and cropped trousers.


It is believed that this bold new wave of dressing has emerged in the wake of the pandemic, and designers have blended in their creative muscles to merge the past with present. Expert fashion voices opinion that trends are a result of political, societal and economic matters. The bold, extravagant pieces we are seeing across the 2022 runways are most likely a reaction to restraints we’ve totally been under as a outcome of the pandemic.

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