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Here’s Why Our Skin Gets Oily and How You Can Fight It

Oily skin is such a difficult problem in so many people’s lives. Oily skin is caused by hormonal changes that can be controlled at times. Does your skin get oily even after cleansing it thoroughly? It is a dermatological problem to be dealt with. Your skin’s glands produce a certain amount of sebum and it appears to be shiny.

What causes oily skin?

  1. Genetics

Oily skin has so much to do with genetics. You might face the problem if you have family members whose face shines instantly due to oils. There is nothing you can do about genetics. But you can surely use the right products formulated mainly for oily skin. Follow a consistent skincare routine to combat the problem of oily skin.


  1. Washing of face too often

Oil in your skin might urge you to wash your face many times a day, but you shouldn’t do it. Further, when you try removing too much oil from your face, the pores don’t like it. They will produce more oils to keep the glands from drying up.


It’s best to wash your face twice a day, in the morning and at night. If you see too much oil, it’s best to use cleansing facial wipes. They help to remove the excess oil if necessary.


  1. Staying in humid climates

The place where you stay makes a lot of difference as well. If you live in humid climates, chances are your skin will get oily. Additionally, skin appears to be oily mostly in the summers than in the winters. Adjust all your skin care products accordingly.


Heavy moisturizers are best for keeping your face from drying during winters. But the same is not the case during summers. Use cleansers regularly to have healthy skin.


  1. Having poor diet

It’s hard to resist fatty and sugary foods but those foods are not good for your skin. Consuming much oily foods create a lot of sebum. Having a balanced and healthy diet is better for your body and skin.


Drink enough water and add foods rich in anti-oxidants to work wonders. This will not only make you feel whole but will benefit your skin too.


  1. Using medications

There are certain medications like birth control pills that highly impacts the condition of your skin. Furthermore, these medicines contain steroids affecting skin health. You should be very careful while consuming these. Always consult with your doctor first and then go ahead.

Tips for taking care of oily skin in summers

  1. Using a light moisturizer

Firstly, you should pay attention to using a moisturizer every day during the summers. Moisturizers are highly important if you are facing oily skin problems. They help in hydrating your skin. Also, they prevent over-production of sebum preventing acne breakouts too.


  1. Have blotting papers with you

It’s best to use blotting papers now and then if you want to get rid of oily skin. Gently dab the papers twice a day and you are good to go.


  1. Trying out micellar water

Having this beauty product added to the industry has done so much good. Carry a bottle of micellar water everywhere. Just use it and you don’t even have to rinse it off. It is a good option to clean excess oil from your skin. Even dirt builds up with oil and this can be taken care of too.


  1. Apply sunscreen

Apart from moisturizers, the next thing you should try is applying sunscreen. It gives extra protection to your skin layers from environmental factors. Also, sunscreens help in keeping your skin hydrated. Over washing damages, the cells, which can be repaired using sunscreens.


  1. Try not to exfoliate too hard

It’s good to exfoliate your skin twice a week. It helps to remove the clogged pores and remove all the dead skin cells. But over-exfoliating damages the skin’s layers. It helps in keeping your glands in place and good health.


  1. Don’t wear make-up to bed

Oily skin is so much prone to acne breakouts. If you sleep with makeup on, you will find acne on your face the next day. Gently use a make-up remover to keep your pores oil free.


If you know the right way to treat oily skin, you are good to go. There are face packs and oil skin solutions you can try out. It’s good to have oily skin but excess of anything is bad. So, you should know the right skincare routine and follow it daily.


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