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How to pack minimal for a trip

Carrying all of your travel essentials in a knapsack doesn’t really mean you are less extravagant. It only means you have outgrown the excess baggage tag while exploring the world. For once, you won’t have to worry about your bag getting lost in transit. Other than saving time and money minimal packing is stress free because you know exactly what is required for the journey. How do you pack what is strictly necessary when you are a fashion lover? Read on.

Multi-purpose outfits:

So, if you want to protect yourself against heat and UV rays, then you will need a scarf. It is also able to protect against the cold during the night. Printed bomber jackets can come in handy while traveling during winter. Pair them with a chic skirt and you will have an excellent outfit for dinner. A black pair of jeans can go well with practically any top or shirt. If you are thinking about lounging around the beach then a pair of trendy sarong is a must. It can double up as a beach date outfit. A pair of denim jacket, basic tees, button-up shirt or the classic little black dress are multi-purpose when it comes for longer stays.

Getting the footwear right:

A pair of stylish shoes for a quick party, one comfortable walking boots or sneakers and a casual pair of sandals. These are the only footwear you need to pack up, try to check out the weather of the place to have a better sense of judgement. If you plan to go on hikes then a tough terrain footwear is recommended. For cooler places a pair of warm booties is an essential. It all depends on the type of trip you are about to embark. A pair of stylish white sneakers can go along with any piece of clothing.

Neutral is the game:

When it comes to picking a color palette then always go for neutral colors. These could mean that packing clothing items in the tone of beige, black, grey, white and other muted colors can be mixed-matched. If you are not a fan of blacks then packing pastel colors is recommended. Just make sure that the combination of colors blend with your tour plans and can easily be switched with one another. Eg. A black jacket goes well with a grey skirt/pant.

How many pairs of underwear do you need?

For a short trip four pairs of clean underwear along with two pairs of socks are ideal. If you are going to stay for a longer duration then six pairs of underwear with three pairs of socks are recommended. If you are loose on your measurements then packing a leather belt will come in handy.

Sticking to a plan:

It is easy to get swayed with the number of days while packing for e.g. if you are going on a week long trip then obviously you are tempted to put in seven pairs of clothing along with its accessories. This is not needed, stick with the plan of visualizing which clothing item fits well with another one. You cannot pack same colored clothing together, leave one out. If you have a favorite pair of distressed jeans then take the time to choose which top/shirt/tee would look perfect with it. Avoid cocktail dresses and flashy garments except when going to a wedding.

Capsule Wardrobe:

Think of it like organizing a mini fashion show with limited edition clothes for vacation. Choose one pair of night cloth, an outerwear, a formal attire, workout wear, lounge wear and finally travel wear. Limit the number of accessories with each of these outfit pairings. Maybe a nice watch (for men), two earrings, sunglasses, one necklace, and basic toiletries.


Everyone will have their own style of minimalist packing depending on their choice of clothing and travel plans. While folding use the Kon-mari method of using every corner of the bag without making it look too stuffy. Lastly, there is a fine line between your desires and your needs. So whether you’re going for weeks or only a few days minimalism should be your new fashion mantra.

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