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Apps that Help you Sleep

It is becoming increasingly competitive to keep up with the tasks during the day so people are turning into night owls. Ambitions and goals keep us awake; millennia’s burn the midnight oil to remain in the rat race. Hustlers are working after hours on their passions to maintain a luxurious lifestyle. In all of this competitive chaos and digital greed there is a whole generation that has been deprived of sound sleep. Research has shown that sleep deficiency is one of the causes of depression. A lot of educated urban people are looking for expensive therapies to help them relax.

However, the same technology that keeps us awake at night can also aid in blissful forty winks. There are numerous calming apps that can improve our sleep patterns, thus increasing our performance and stamina during the day.

Sleep tracker apps use smartphone-integrated accelerometers to record and interpret your sleep data. These applications usually make it possible to follow movements during deep slumber, record sound, and set customized alarms. These applications are convenient, affordable and capable of providing concrete information about sleep quality.


As its name indicates, this app is full of soothing natural music, evening stories and meditation guides. You can access the daily meditation section as a nightly routine for sleeping. There are many breathing exercises that can be performed immediately before bedtime. The soundscape library will help you relax in a few minutes; you can select any ambient music that suits your style.



Want to feel fresh and invigorated after a long day? Then try this application as it is based on clinical research. Experts have suggested many combinations of soothing music, gentle voices and nature-based sound effects to induce sleep. Anyone who finds it hard to focus while lying in bed can use this app to fall asleep instantly. It also includes discussion on interesting dream myths, narratives, and sleep meditations.


Yours App

It is a form of customized sleep application which is multidimensional when it comes to use. The application is delivered with educational interviews with experts and informative videos that help you identify the causes of sleep deprivation. It also includes positive mental meditations, lightweight yoga, breathing techniques and white sound to put you to sleep.


Sleep Cycle

An excellent application which keeps track of your sleep habits. It interprets your sleep data after set-up and helps you wake up to your lowest period of sleep. This functionality is known as intelligent wake-up action. It uses your cell phone’s sensors to analyse your sleep and the alarm goes off during your lightest sleep period.


Better Sleep

An ideal app for kids and adults, it uses multiple bedtime stories, guided meditational exercises, mellow music, binaural beats that lower the levels of stress and anxiety, and nature sounds that help relax the body. White noise playback is also one of the options available on this incredible application.


Sleep Sounds

If you want to shut down the white noise and allow your mind to drift away from thinking too much then this application is the best. There are a million customizable sounds which can be played to help you fall asleep deep. All the melodies come with uninterrupted play, it also features a timer. You can set your own tune along with the timer; the music will transport you into a soothing state of mind till you drift off.


Sleepa offers a great collection of high definition sounds that can be mixed in relaxing environments with a timer designed to automatically stop the application. This application now has an integrated wake-up feature, which allows users to create alert notifications smoothly. Play sounds from four groups – rain, nature, city, and meditation. The app also features white noise, pink and brown noise frequencies. Music is the perfect form of meditation and this app allows the user to escape into a melodious slumber.



Have a hyperactive mind? Then headspace is the best sleep application to download. It is a meditational app that features adult bedtime stories. More than 40 themed courses on how to control anxiety, practicing self-esteem, enhancing self-esteem and many other sleep and music choices to help you calm down. It also has mood boosting yoga, guided workouts and other basic exercises that can free the headspace of worries.



This application features three dimensional sound effects that can create soothing imagery to fall asleep. An important part of this app is sleep-inducing stories told by world-famous therapeutic hypnotist Dan Jones. Alternatively, you can choose a background noise such as warm jacuzzi or gurgling spring to play for 10 hours after the end of the main track. Each week there are additional stories and meditations that help induce sleep.


A healthy sleep cycle reduces prominent health threats and promotes an active lifestyle. Sleep applications are valuable tools that do more than just identifying the causes of insomnia. They ensure that you follow a vigorous sleep routine.

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