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Benefits of Green Exercise

Physical exercise is an essential part of human lifestyle, but when it comes with escapism the chances to improve overall health is exhilarating. With the emphasis on mental health the trend of green exercise has been catching up. The outdoors is the new gym – trekking, nature walks, travelling, exploring, practicing green thumb and swimming are some of the ways to keep the mind and body fit in a natural environment. Let’s learn more about the benefits of ecological exercise and why it is necessary to integrate it into today’s sedentary way of life.

Exercising out in the wild has its Benefits

Getting back to the Basics:

Humans are social animals and our ancestors lived long due to their connection with nature. The same has to be practiced by this generation, getting to explore and preserve the ecological system. City life can become stressful with constant corporate competition and junk based eating habits. Reconnecting with nature gives you a sense of rejuvenation and restores cognitive function. Learning to survive in natural components will also increase the body’s resistance and immunity. Activities like camping instill a spirit of community and teamwork. It also gives valuable time to spend with your loved ones and make lifelong memories.

Cheaper than gym equipments:

Walking in fresh air doesn’t need any extra charges or an exorbitant gym membership. This is a great way to increase oxygen circulation in the blood and build muscle. Indulging in track racing, hiking and trekking can enhance muscle coordination and cognitive skills plus it means a better workout than simply using a treadmill. To increase eye movement and upper-body training, an occasional mountain bike journey can improve body balance. Paddleboarding is another way to break the routine of indoor exercises and explore the wild.

Vitamin D:

How often do we keep ourselves chained to the chair or work desk? Even after returning home from a tough day all we do is sit on the couch and watch tv. Breaking this monotonous lifestyle a trip to the greener side is essential. Our sedentary lifestyle has cost us many hospital trips. When exposed to UVB sunlight, our bodies naturally transform the cholesterol in our skin into vitamin D3. Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with a higher risk of chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease and some cancers. Receiving adequate amounts of sunshine will bring in positive effects on overall wellbeing.

Lowers the cortisol levels:

Even though you might enjoy your gym session with a personal trainer and motivating playlist it cannot be substituted with the joy of performing tasks with loved ones. There are a lot of green retreats that allow families to make weekend trips. One can enjoy various physical activities and games with family. Doing yoga on the beach, river rafting with friends, learning the basics of organic farming, practicing ziplines, indulging in adventure sports, sharing a passion for mountain climbing etc. builds a sense of community. It can also become a natural therapy to release depression and connect with nature, thus improving the mental health.

Being disconnected digitally:

It’s a common saying that we live in a box, whether it’s our lifestyle or an addiction to box media. Turning off the mobile and turning on the remote for a moment is an incredible detox from the digital world. We fail to admire the wonderful scenery and green areas that can boost our perception of life. Exercising and tuning in to mother nature while remaining incognito from the outside works well for the mind and body.

How can you leverage green exercise at work?

Lunch Break escapdes:

Next time when you pack your lunch make a light meal and switch your work desk for a nearby park or green space to have it. Make use of the time to explore the area near your work place. A light, brisk walk will work wonders when it comes to improving focus and fighting the afternoon fatigue.


Ditch the car and cycle yourself to the work place if it is near. Going green for fuel is never too late. You could even form a team of cyclists from your workspace for company.

Go on a photography walk:

Make use of the mobile phone by documenting your walk series through nature. Click  pictures, do short reels, post on a cute green spot that you encounter while going to work. These will instantly freshen up your mood.


A growing number of businesses and housing complexes tend to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Many residential corporations are now constructing a jogging park, hiking trails and forest gardens for the benefit of communities. By incorporating natural elements into our daily lives, we can train optimally.

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