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What are some foods to help you sleep better?

Having a sound sleep is so much essential for a healthy lifestyle and better functioning throughout the day. Late-night snacking is not good and you should choose good foods. Further, some foods are so energizing while some aggravate indigestion. You should know what you should eat for a sound sleep. The sleep-inducing foods help to slower the brain process at night. You should understand the importance of sleep and how a healthy diet plays a crucial role.

Sleep hygiene refers to the practices of sleeping and the better ways to endure it. Stay away from mobile phones before going to bed. They emit a blue light not very good for your eyes. It’s best to avoid midnight naps. These are some of the ways to ease and help with proper sleep patterns.

Those who love might night cravings can have foods that help to sleep better.

Best foods to help you sleep better

  1. Fish

Fish is considered to be the best ones if you want to sleep better. Tuna, trout, and salmon contain fatty acids in them and huge amounts of Vitamin D. This is a powerhouse of great nutrients helping in the production of serotonin. The study has proven that people who ate salmon before their sleep could sleep peacefully for about 6 hours a day.


  1. Lettuce

Green leafy vegetables might not excite you as much but even lettuce has a great effect on your sleep. Also, they have a phytonutrient called lactucarium. This ingredient helps in the promotion of better sleep and the developing of the brain as well. You might love having lettuce in your salads. Why not make some lettuce tea for yourself? Seep through the leaves with an added honey touch to them.


  1. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes have great taste in themselves and they are a powerhouse of potassium and calcium. The ingredients in sweet potatoes help to lower blood pressure levels. When your body is in good alignment, you can sleep better. Add some honey along with the potatoes. Make some boiled items with potatoes. You can try out as many dishes as you like.


  1. Crackers and cottage cheeses

Cottage cheese is high in lean protein, so you can switch it with meat also. If the serotonin levels in the body are too low, even then you can be an insomniac. Tryptophan helps in increasing the serotonin levels in your body.  To give it that extra touch, pair it with crackers.


  1. Watermelons

Watermelons are full of water that is exactly needed in your body. These fruits keep you hydrated for a long time. They also help in eliminating late snack cravings. Watermelons contain choline. It is a nutrient known to help with the sleep disturbances you might face. Some people work late into the night and they don’t get sleep faster.


  1. Hummus

Chickpeas are the main ingredients in hummus, rich in folate and Vitamin B6. Folate is known to regulate sleep patterns. Vitamin B6 helps to keep your internal clock well in check. Hummus has naturally occurring melatonin. It is the perfect spread for a late-night snack.


Drinks to help you sleep better

  1. Chamomile tea

It is a soothing herbal tea that induces sleep-inducing power in your body. Chamomile tea has antioxidants in it to induce sleepiness. Further, studies have proven that people who drank chamomile tea fell asleep about 15 minutes faster than regular ones.


  1. Warm milk

Kids are given a glass of warm milk before they go to bed for a reason. Milk has high amounts of amino acids in them. Having a melatonin-rich milk glass before bed helps adults sleep better.


  1. Passionflower tea

Passionflower tea helps in reducing anxiety leading to better sleep. Studies have shown that adults drinking this tea gets better sleep quality.


  1. Tart cherry juice

Tart cherry juice is uncommon but the tea is filled with nutrients and antioxidants. Make it a habit to drink tart cherry juice twice a week. This will give you desired energy levels and improve your sleep condition.

Try to avoid fried foods as much as possible. People love having fried foods to crave their midnight hunger but it’s not good at all. Pizzas and burgers take so long to digest than all other foods.


Having bedtime snacks is not bad at all. But you should know what foods to have and what to avoid. Healthy foods are good for your body. This will help you to fall asleep faster and you wake up energized and happy.

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