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Weird Beauty Treatments

Recently classic beauty Demi Moore revealed that blood sucking leech treatments made her look hot. It is no secret that social mogul Kim Kardashian swore never to get vampire facials again, why? She termed them as too painful. These bizarre beauty treatments have been promoted by influencers and celebrities alike. Considering the rising standard of looking and feeling good we have just checked out a few more weird beauty treatments that have received glowing reviews.

Bird Poop Facial:

Will you try bird poop on your face if Tom Cruise asks you to? Most of us would blindly follow. The method of smearing one’s face with bird droppings has picked up subtle trend in the ranks of Hollywood. This practice, however generated in ancient Japan when the geisha’s discovered that nightingale droppings are in fact beneficial for the human skin. It turns out to be naturally exfoliating and rejuvenating skin. The treatment includes mixing the bird poop with organic creams and leaving it over the face. After a warm rinse, the skin is free from dark circles, stains, dead cells and pigmentation. It is possible that caustic chemicals in bird droppings act as a sort of natural peelers leaving the skin more shiny and baby smooth.

Leech Facial:

It is known to be a low-cost beauty treatment invented by Egyptians to heal skin infections.  During this treatment the leeches are not applied to your face, but to other parts of your body. The blood is then extracted from the leeches and replenished on your skin in the form of a mask. This extreme facial increases the elasticity of the skin, decreases the signs of aging and gives glowing skin. No wonder former Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr swears by this beauty ritual. But some researchers and health experts have argued that this is not an effective method to treat acne. Since the acne causing bacteria resides deep into the oil secreting glands it is impossible for the leeches to suck them out.

Dracula/Vampire Facial:

Kim Kardashian is known to have made these blood bath facials famous on the social media. The beauty specialists called it platelet-rich plasma therapy or PRP. This skin treatment has gained in popularity in South Korea, women now want to give up dermal fillers and rejuvenate their skin via their own cells. During this process, the “serum part” of the extracted blood is spun into a centrifuge to extract the platelets. This is then re-applied to the skin to promote collagen growth and healing. PRP is recommended for patients with acne, melansma, uneven complexion, signs of aging, scarring and other skin blemishes. It has also been used as an efficient therapy for patients with alopecia.

Pee Facial:

If you consider the application of your own urine on the face to be beneficial for the treatment of acne and dark spots, then this therapy matters. According to experts, the urinary urea content acts like a natural exfoliation. The science behind this technique is that urea is keratopolytic, which means that it dissolves keratin in the external layer of the epidermis. It is also a moisturizer, as it binds and holds water, thus adding water to the skin. In fact, it is an excellent ingredient for skin care because it exfoliates dry skin and then helps to retain water to improve moisturization. Certain cosmetics contain between 10 and 15% urea. But this is not found in human urine because it contains only 5 percent urea. However, fresh urine has no side effects and hence it is used as one of the bizarre beauty treatments.

Fire Facial:

Setting your face, legs, back and stomach on fire is the new beauty trend originating from China. During this treatment, the person’s face is covered with a rag soaked in alcohol and inflamed for a couple of seconds. It is also said that the fabric is drenched in a “secret rejuvenating agent” that leaves the skin firm and young. This technique of miniarsenal is known to accelerate cell regeneration. It is recommended to try it under expert supervision only.

Snail Facial:

This Korean beauty facial is gaining momentum since it promises glass skin. The treatment involves live snails to crawl all over the face and neck for a few minutes. Their mucin is said to heal irritated skin. It is also known to be packed with hydrating nutrients that are beneficial for regeneration of cells. The snail’s mucin boosts collagen build up and promotes elasticity. The mucin is massaged in the pores of the skin for effective results during therapy. Mucin contains strong anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid and proteins.

Bee Sting Facial:

If you desire to know the secret of Kate Middleton’s glow during her wedding to Prince William then we have the answer. Apparently bee sting facial has been seen as a beneficial treatment for wrinkles and dark spots. It is gaining in popularity as an alternative to botox skin therapy. The process involves infusion of the skin with bee sting venom, which provokes a reaction that stimulates blood flow and promotes elasticity.

Charcoal Masks:

Activated charcoal is said to have healing properties and promotes deep cleansing. This works best on oily skin as the charcoal mask eliminates blemishes and scars from acne. For someone with dry skin this technique is not recommended because it will leave the skin irritated because it removes protective oils and bristles from the surface.

Human Foreskin:

In 2015, Oprah actively endorsed a SkinMedica anti-wrinkle cream with a fascinating special ingredient: human foreskins from circumcised infants. She described SkinMedica as a magical fountain of rejuvenation and a miracle solution for wrinkles. The company uses babies’ foreskin fibroblast to develop other skin or cells. Since then it has been popular among the celebrity circles of Hollywood. The babies foreskin is said to have rejuvenating properties that reduces wrinkles, tones the skin, improves texture and leaves a glowing visage.


Some of these beauty techniques have no side effects and can be done from the comfort of home. But most of them require expert supervision not to mention special consultation from dermatologist before trying them out.

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