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6 Simple hair habits to maintain your hair color

Are you in love with your colored hair? With just a little effort, you can keep it shiny and just the way it is. People generally get bored with the same hair color all the time. To spruce things up, you might want to try something new. But letting the chemicals ruin your hair simply is not worth it. Many girls are afraid that the chemicals will destroy the structure of their hair. Further, it will cause your hair to lose its shine making it dull.

Just with some effort, you can keep your locks healthy and hydrated. From premium hair colors to dark ones, hair color is the trend today. Don’t miss out on the fun just because you are afraid of the future.

Simple habits to maintain your hair color

Picking the right shampoo

One of the ideal hair regimes is choosing the right shampoo for your hair. There are quite color-protecting shampoos you will find. Choose the ones matching with your hair quality. Also, don’t forget to use a sulfate-free shampoo to work wonders on your hair. This way your hair will not lose moisture in the process.


Sulfates do contain salt in them. This can reduce moisture leading to fading hair color.


Keep on hydrating your hair

The after-effects of hair color are not good and your hair will tend to lose its moisture. Keep on hydrating your hair whenever you get the chance. Just shampoo and conditioning are not enough. Your hair requires regular oiling and the use of hair masks. Hair masks retain the moisture in your locks.


Using ultra-nourishing conditioners

When you shampoo your hair, don’t forget to use conditioners. Go for the nourishing ones to get the best results. You can make your own conditioners at home. Use aloe vera, yogurt, honey, milk, etc. to make your hair silky.


Use of live-in conditioner

Many girls use to live in conditioners after hair color. It will take good care of your hair making it shiny and radiant. Further, you can use the live-in conditioner even after using a proper conditioner. This will just add extra layers to protect your hair. Live-in conditioners mostly contain silicones to protect your hair from damage and frizz.


Using hair masks

Most people don’t have time to use hair masks every week.  But if you use it, you will get desired results. Keep on the hair mask for about an hour. It will nourish your hair deeply. Then you can also make masks at home. Take two eggs, yogurt, and mayonnaise and whisk it until smooth.


Keep on applying the mixture to your hair from roots to tips. Keep the mixture on for like 20 minutes. Take a good shampoo and rinse well.


Avoid using high temperatures

Use lukewarm water for washing your hair but don’t go for too hot water. Prevent using hair straighteners, curlers, etc. as much as possible. The outer layering of your hair gets disrupted when it gets the heat. This in turn makes your hair dull and damaged. When using any heat product, use a heat protector first. You can spray serum or hair spray before using it.


The importance of a healthy diet

Your diet has such a great impact on your hair. Your body should get all the essential nutrients for lustrous locks. Have foods rich in iron to provide food to your scalp. This helps in improving the texture of your hair. Also, it helps in stimulating hair growth. Have low-fat cheeses, yogurt, dairy products, fish, and egg whites for the health of your hair. Spinach, soy, etc. are also equally good for colored hair. If you want to munch on something, fruits, nuts, and vegetables are the best options for you.

Too much of anything is bad and this applies to hair coloring too. Coloring your hair often damages the roots of your hair. Don’t keep on doing it every month. You can prefer doing it in about 1 year or so. Also, don’t overdo the chemicals in your hair. Avoid doing perming and allow your hair to relax. After you are done with hair coloring, trim your hair every 6 to 8 weeks.


When you plan on coloring your hair, semi-permanent ones are better than permanent ones. They are less damaging to your hair. Don’t wash freshly colored hair for about 72 hours. Try to use color-safe products so that the color doesn’t fade away easily. You can dye your hair at home professionally with the many color packs available in the markets today.

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