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How to Grow Hair Long, Fast, and Strong?

You will want your hair to be beautiful and lustrous. If you are thinking about how to make your hair grow faster, there are so many ways to do it. There are no miracles that can grow your hair in a day. With consistent efforts and care, you can achieve the desired results. Further, there is a minimum of half an inch growth of hair every month. But with improper diet and nutrition, your hair can fall off quickly.

Growing your hair seems like a two-fold option. Firstly, cut off the split ends for preventing hair loss and breakage. Take the advice of experts whenever you plan on doing some experiments on your hair.

Ways of growing your hair faster and strong

Go for healthy trims

Don’t just go on cutting your hair any opportunity you get. Let your hair grow longer until you find a safe time to book a salon appointment. Furthermore, healthy trims are so much important. When you feel like your hair is getting way too split ends, consider a haircut. Let your hair stylist know that you just want to cut the split ends.

Go for a clarifying shampoo

Having good scalp conditions is so crucial for hair growth. The scalp experiences so much due to inflammation. It keeps the hair follicles clean and prevents clogging. Any scalp scrub with salicylic acid work wonders.

You can make your scrub twice a month. Use sugar, honey, oil, and apple cider vinegar and you are ready to use it. Use a clarifying shampoo once weekly even to get your desired results. These shampoos are hydrating as well.

Take hot castor oil treatments

Castor oil is just the thing you need for healthy hair. Castor Oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to help prevent scalp infections. It’s filled with Vitamin E, Omega 6 fatty acids, and many other nutrients. Get a hot castor oil massage and you will see visible differences in weeks.

Use the oil and apply it from the roots to the end strands. Keep it for about 15 minutes and you can then wash it off. You will see your strands getting soft and manageable.

Have healthy fats diets

Many people just prefer popping health supplements to get good hair. But having too much biotin is also not necessary since it can cause havoc. Have nutrition-styled diets that are an approved way of growing your hair faster.

The vitamins and minerals are easily absorbed in your body and you get full utilization. Have a proportionate amount of vitamins and minerals.

Don’t over shampoo

Over shampooing can cause breakage and damage leading to dry brittle locks. Depending on your type of hair, shampooing varies. Coarser hair types can go without shampooing for some days. But thinner hair can get greasy even in a single day.

Dry shampoos work wonders in that case. They soak up the excess grease while you wait for the next shampoo date.

Trying egg yolk mask

If you are experiencing too much hair breakage, an egg yolk mask comes to the rescue. Eggs have high amounts of proteins, to strengthen and heal all your strands. It even helps with the problem of dandruff.

Mix two eggs with olive oil and add ½ cup of water to dilute the mixture. This will make the mixture less sticky. You can apply the mask directly or use a brush to apply it. Leave it for about 30 minutes and wash it usually with shampoo and conditioner.

Don’t use too much of heat styling treatments

If you want your hair to grow faster, you can’t use too many of the heat tools. The tools break the hydrogen bonds in your hair and restructure your hair styling patterns. They reduce the moisture content in your hair.

Whenever you are using a heating tool, use a heat protectant beforehand. It will help to withstand the heat. Avoid using the heating tools regularly.

When should you see your doctor for hair growth?

If your hair is extremely damaged, you should address the same to your doctor. They will check for any nutrient deficiencies and recommend any specific products. If you are experiencing unhealthy hair loss, book an appointment with the doctor.


You can’t grow your hair overnight but with routine changes, you can grow your hair in the easiest ways possible. You should try consulting with your doctor too. They can tell what is wrong with your body or scalp.

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